Upcoming Events

Shoe Tunes in Dancehouse - On the Table
Presentation of prototypes and concept for Shoe Tunes, a collaboration with footwear designer Alison Pyrke

Monday 13 May
Dancehouse, Melbourne

Recent Events

Rosenhöhe in TENOR conference Zurich
New version of Rosenhöhe for electronics and double bass, performed by Helen Svoboda and Jaslyn Robertson

Thursday 4 April, 6:30pm
Zurich University of the Arts

Blackout Diary in Room for Error
Premiere of Blackout Diary, performed by Danica Hobden and Jaslyn Robertson

Wednesday 12 July, 7pm
Hochschule für Musik und Theatre, Hamburg

Darmstadt: Local Music
Performance of the Darmstadt Local Music workshop

Sunday 13 August, 2pm
Neue Künstlerkolonie, Darmstadt
Shadow Aria at TENOR
USA premiere of Shadow Aria, performed by loadbang ensemble

Monday 15 May, 8pm
Longy School of Music Bard College, Boston

Sysex Club
Live synth performance opening for Baseck

Friday 19 May, 7pm
1911 Providence (Rhode Island)
Speechless: An Opera by Cat Hope
Performing synth and theremin in the Hamburg bass ensemble.

Wednedsay 3 May, 8:30pm
Forum, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Marfa Lights Presents MAIN DICE (USA), WE1 XAM, HOT PISS
My analogue synth duo with Darlene Matheson, WE1 XAM, play alongside Main Dice and Hot Piss.

Thursday 5 January, 8pm
Avalon Bar, Fitzroy

The Mechanical Fiddle - Ensemble Offspring
Kyla Matsuura-Miller will perform Dream-state (2021) in this Ensemble Offspring in Sydney.

Saturday 4 February, 7:30pm
Woodburn Creatives

Line Tracing 3 – MOMA FOMA
Kyla Matsuura-Miller will perform Dream-state (2021) at MONA FOMA in Tasmania, with a live electronic response by Mish Szekelyhidi.

Saturday 25 February, 7:30pm
Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre

Decibel New Music Ensemble - Two Minutes From Home
Performing with Decibel in this program of 21 two minute pieces of animated notation.

Tuesday 26 July, 6pm
Melbourne Recital Centre

Synthesizer performance - Rouse Hill Psychedelia
Featuring an eclectic mix of electronic and experimental music acts, using both contemporary and retro technology (a nod to John Terry's work), artists will respond creatively to the rural landscape of the property to create an unforgettable and sensory experience for all visitors.

Friday 24 June, 6pm to 10pm
Rouse Hill House

Decibel New Music Ensemble - Revolution
Performing on turntable and electronics in works by Cat Hope, Lindsay Vickery and John Cage.

Tuesday 28 June, 6pm
Melbourne Recital Centre

Ossicle Duo - The Fifth Season
With a program of groundbreaking premieres by composers from the Trans-Tasman bubble, the duo stars with Liam Flenady's The Five Seasons, a thrilling and disorientating musical dystopia, forecasting a world in ecological crisis.
Finishing with Jaslyn Robertson's Cut It, the duo plunges the into a granular electroacoustic noise world, drawing on her own experiences of censorship in the arts as a non-male composer.

Thursday 30 June, 6pm
Melbourne Recital Centre

Tempo Queer I
A program of queer composers performed by violinist Kyla Matsuura-Miller, including my piece Dream-State.
Monday 6 June, 8pm
Tempo Rubato

RMIT Ambisonic
Two new multichannel commissions for 24 speakers from electronic artists, Jaslyn Robertson and Meri Leeworthy.
Sunday 29 May, 2pm and 5pm
RMIT Black Box